• Practical Home Décor Solutions

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    Naturally you want your home to be attractive, warm and welcoming but you’d also like it to be as functional and easy to care for as possible. When looking at home decor magazines for decorating ideas one often wonders who has to maintain and clean the houses pictured because some of the home fashions seem complicated and very high maintenance.

    The bedroom is a good example – you sleep almost a third of your life so the bedding needs to be comfortable and sturdy in addition to fashionable. One easy solution is to invest in a down comforter because breathable down will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Down comforters should be laundered every one to three years while the cover, commonly known as a duvet cover set, can be laundered or cleaned as often as you wish. It’s a good idea to have more than one duvet cover sets (experts suggest three, with one on the comforter, one in the wash and one at the ready) so you can change the look of a room in minutes.

    Bathrooms can be fantastic looking if you choose the right pieces. A shower curtain can make a décor statement but so can something as simple as new bath hardware. Drawer pulls, robe hooks, towel and clothing racks and the like are not only functional but can serve as accent pieces in an otherwise mundane bathroom. Towels offer an opportunity to personalize a room – monogrammed towels make a subtle yet lasting impression in a guest bathroom while they can also be great for kids. Towels bearing the initial of the first name of each family member make it easy to keep track and maintain order in a busy home.

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