• Knowing Better What Boston Properties Composition

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    Boston properties are one of the best on the world. It ranges from very low prices to the most expensive ones. Boston properties have increased by 5 % in it average sales in 2005 as against 13% in 2004. Fixed rate for an average of 30-year is 5.87% with 0.6 points. During the eighties an interest rate of 16%-17% were trending. Because of low interest with Boston properties, Boston real estate market has also risen due to increase in sales of homes. Good news equipped with it is that it also lowers the unemployment rate causing a more active Boston real estate market.

    To know more about Boston properties here is a list of 5 major domain of Boston Real Estate Board which was found in1889 and since then it became the leading advocate of all sectors in real estate industry in the United States.

    1. BOMA – Building Owners and Managers Association. It is a division of Boston Real Estate Board which accommodates owners and managers of any commercials real estate. Its main job is to provide professional help, knowledge and networking opportunities to further expand the growth of real estate.

    2. CBA – Commercial Broker’s Association. This one is the voice of the 300 commercial brokers throughout Massachusetts. It gives brokers a space to share ideas and knowledge including inputs.

    3. REFA – Real Estate Finance Association. Professionals in the real estate are given a chance to acquire information, educational programs and networking opportunities through a forum particularly in the Great Boston area.

    4. RHA – Rental Housing Association. This is an affiliate of National Apartment association. Its members composed of 525 members who are engaged in rental business. Its function is to provide education, information and also networking opportunities.

    5. GBAR – Greater Boston Association of Realtors. It is considered as one of the local divisions of the National Association of REALTORS, the largest trade association on America which aims to provide development, educational programs, counselling, brokerage, legal information, representation both in legislative and regulation, ethics mediations and arbitration and other matters that are related to real estate industry in a professional way.

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